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FRIDAY 3 MAY 2019     9:00pm     THE VIC THEATRE

Watch this year's Top 5 filmmakers pitch their projects LIVE at Short Circuit!

Now in its third year, CINE⚡SPARK awards a production package of cash, equipment, and services to an outstanding short screenplay by a filmmaker from the Vancouver Island + Gulf Islands region. This year we've upped the ante, offering more than $15,000 worth of resources to make their short film. They'll have a year to complete it and premiere it at next year's festival.

This is a FREE event - bring your friends and cheer for your favourite!



A young girl with Tourette's Syndrome finds a new way to include her voice in a group project.

Writer: Julia Dillon-Davis

Julia Dillon-Davis

Julia Dillon-Davis is a writer, producer, and director. She holds a Leo Award for co-producing the web series Freshman's Wharf. She also co-wrote and produced the educational documentary short You Matter, which now screens internationally. She had two screenplays shortlisted for CINESPARK in 2018. Julia recently received the Andra Sheffer Youth Media Alliance Award, which supports writers who specialize in youth content. Her short film Out of Sound will be released later this spring. At present, Julia is a candidate for a Masters in Child and Youth Care.


An old sailing couple are on a final transit together. Along the way they run into stranded newlyweds. With a pulling current and shallow depths, Rob and Carolyn attempt to save their fellow mariners and maybe salvage something more.

Writer: Justin Francis Lee


Justin Francis Lee studies at the University of Victoria’s Department of Theatre. Honing directing, acting and writing for both stage and screen, he relentlessly pursues the perfect cinematic moment. In film he has worked as a TAD on All in Madonna, and 2nd AC on Open for Submissions. On stage, he recently played George in The Drowsy Chaperone. His first play – about a second-generation Canadian couple’s infatuation with an ever-elusive “old Asian bottle lady” – will be presented at the Phoenix Theatre’s SATCo in the fall. Outside of his artistic pursuits, Justin is a tall ship sailor.


Kuno gets together with an old family friend and her grandmother to celebrate the birthday of her deceased mother. They meet at Macaulay Point Park, a decaying military installation on the ocean shore. Together they sing, and ponder family histories and their legacy on this land.

Writer: Odette Laramee

Odette Laramee

Odette Laramee is a multi-disciplinary artist. Her work includes experimental, documentary, and narrative shorts. She won a Nanaimo Global Film Festival Award to study at the Gulf Island Film and Television School, and her film Virgin won Best Doc at the Eye Lens Festival. In August 2019, her experimental short nameless will play during the Art Quake Biennale at the Kyoto National Museum. As a project manager and director, Odette traveled to 3 continents co-creating giant puppet performances. At present, her goal is to complete the narrative short 'Kuno Sings', and augment her artistic and technical skills for a future feature film.


An art student digs deep to find her true artistic voice, expressing it in a truly bizarre and gory way, shocking and delighting those who underestimated her talents.

Writer: Claire Robertson

ClaireRobertson web

Claire Robertson is an Australian visual artist, professional illustrator and award winning writer based on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. She brings years of creative and collaborative experience to her role of creative producer. She was a producer on the 2018 short film Cascadia, a fantasy adventure that premiered at the Lucid Dream Film Festival in Italy and is currently in consideration for film festivals worldwide. She is also co-creator and producer of Snug, currently in post production. Lucid is her first screenplay.


A snippet of life after the population of the world has been decimated -- what will you share?

Writer: Greg Nuspel

GregNuspel web

Greg Nuspel originally started learning filmmaking in Alberta, but now is happy to call Vancouver Island home. At 13, he discovered photography and the wonders of the darkroom. His first taste of filmmaking was with friends and an old 8mm wind-up camera. Enter the modern era and you can find Greg on indie sets shooting films with friends. Writing has become a new passion for Greg after exploring it with his wife.

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